Personal Branding for Introverts

Are you...

Turned off by marketing methods that feel fake, aggressive or exhausting to implement?

Keen to feel comfortable being visible on and offline to grow your business?

Eager to attract clients by being true to your introvert self?

Personal Branding for Introverts

Turned off by marketing methods that feel fake, aggressive or exhausting to implement?

Keen to feel comfortable being visible on and offline to grow your business?

Eager to attract clients by being true to your introvert self?

This 1:1 Programme Helps You

Be Brave Get Visible

Discover your purpose and reignite the passion that drives you

Understand your dream clients and find what makes you stand out

Learn to work to your strengths rather than trying to become someone you’re not

Learn to communicate how you help others in a clear and simple way

Pull out personal stories that captivate your audience

Make a plan of action to start being visible and become known

What if...
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Instead of staring at a blank status box, you know what to post on social media.

Networking Icon

Instead of avoiding conferences and networking events, you can't wait to go and even enjoy them.

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Instead of worrying if EVERYONE likes your content, you find those that love it and want more.

Market Yourself with

Sincerity and Style

As someone who shies away from self-promotion and prefers privacy, the idea of being visible might make you recoil.

But if you understand the power of being you in business, then you’ll know it’s the most effective way to build trust, raise your profile and attract more clients.

This personal branding programme has been designed specifically for introverts.

Fifi Mason

Why Introverts?

As an introvert, you no doubt dislike being the centre of attention, standing out in a crowd and promoting yourself.

The problem is that most marketing strategies encourage you to do precisely this.

That’s why you end up creating impersonal content that doesn’t engage, or hiding away hoping things will ‘pick up’ organically.

But by shying away from the spotlight, you’re limiting the growth and potential of your business. That doesn’t mean you have to adopt a larger than life personality or start bragging about your achievements.

You can build your personal brand and business by being true to you and your introverted nature.

In this four-week 1:1 programme, I guide you to discover who you are in business. 

You’ll learn to work to your strengths, find your voice and nail your message.

Are you ready to feel more prepared and comfortable being visible?

Hi I'm Fifi, INFJ, Notion Fanatic and Doggo Mum

Why me?

When I started as a freelance Brand and Web Designer, I knew the benefits of building a personal brand and putting myself out there.

But after trying all the conventional marketing ways to be seen and heard, I still struggled to do it consistently.

The problem? I was scared to be myself, and it showed.

I hadn’t figured out my values, discovered my purpose or found my voice.

So I set out to learn everything I could to build my personal brand and attract clients in a way that is authentic to me – an introvert.

Everything I learned I put into practice, and I now feel more focused, prepared and less afraid to show up.

In this programme, you’ll follow the exact framework I used to develop my brand and help me show up every day.


What's in

the programme

The Sessions

4 x 90 minute 1:1 sessions following my signature personal branding framework.

The Workbook

A downloadable interactive PDF to help explore ideas and write notes.

The Introverts Toolkit

A custom toolkit including a messaging blueprint, story prompts and more!

Let me tell you more

My signature framework covers the four pillars of a Personal Brand.

Together we will dig deep to find your brand principles, unearth your dream clients and find your place. Then we hone your persona and make a plan of action to help you show up.

The workbook includes interactive worksheets for each session and exercise. You can use it to make notes and form your ideas. You could also print it if you prefer to hand write!

Workbook Examples
Workbook Examples
The Introverts Toolkit

You’ll also get a customised set of digital tools to use as a reference guide for your personal brand. They’ll help you feel more prepared and give you the courage to step out of your comfort zone.

Your brand Vision & Vibe Guide

Custom brand messaging blueprint

Personalised Story Prompt Cards

What My

clients say
Sally Cocker

Sally Cocker

“My branding and targeting were all over the place, anybody and everybody were visiting my clinic. 

My message was all wrong and I knew I needed help. I had no idea about who I actually was in business. I had no idea that I even needed to know.

I was guided very cleverly into unearthing many areas of myself and my business using very clever techniques.

Then we started discussing ideas. This is where the magic happened. Using all my own words and ideas Fifi started transforming them into a brand. My brand.

For the first time I saw who I wanted to be in business and actually started to see who I could attract and why they would be attracted into my clinic. 

It was absolutely inspirational.

Suzanne Locke

Suzanne Locke

I was on the verge of giving up my content consultancy after four years. I was feeling very uninspired and was not happy with its image or the kind of clients I was getting, and found it very hard to give an elevator pitch to explain what I did to new prospects.

I reached out to Fifi, and she suggested we work on brand and design.

The absolute breakthrough – and I don’t use the word lightly – came when we looked at niches.

Fifi found great examples and a way for me to create a niche with expat businesses. I am a serial expat, having spent half my life abroad, but had never really considered that I could make this the focus of a content business.

Within weeks I had a new, expat client – exactly the kind I wanted to work with. And on a one-year retainer.


Is it for me?

Yes! This programme is to help those who feel stuck and keep holding themselves back, but want to push themselves to grow their business.

Yes. The programme will still work for someone who is starting. Having a solid strategy and plan of action will help you move forward quicker.

This course is for those who want to be visible to grow their business but struggle with conventional marketing techniques, who often overthink their next steps and find it difficult to be themselves online. If this is you, then the programme will certainly help.

About the package

The 1:1 programme with toolkit is an investment of £1297/ $1369.

For the full programme including The Introverts Toolkit, you have the choice to payments in full or split payments over two months.

About the Sessions

There will be four 1:1 sessions. Each session will last 90-minutes.

Each session will be held virtually and hosted via MeetFox. It works from any browser so you won’t need to download any software.

The full programme takes 5 – 6 weeks. The sessions will run over 4-weeks (with one session per week), and you’ll receive your Toolkit within two weeks of your final session.
We will arrange session dates and times to suit you.

Yes, I will record each session as a reference guide. You will also receive a copy of each recording.

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