What the Heck is a Personal Brand Strategist?

By Fifi Mason

What the Heck is a Personal Brand Strategist?

Ever been to a networking event where you’re given a little tag with your name and title.

I use the title Personal Brand Strategist. When someone sees this, their first question is “What’s that?”.

Although descriptive enough, by itself, it’s relatively vague. Especially if you’re not familiar with the term personal branding.

This is when I come alive. And although an introvert, I could discuss my passion for hours — that’s what happens when you find your core purpose.

I’ve worked hard to refine my message, so I’m able to tell them what I do, who I help, and how I do it in the most succinct way.

My answer is…

“I inspire introverts to build a braver brand and be more visible in business. I help them understand who they are in business, who their ideal clients are and develop a plan of action to start showing up on and offline.”

My aim after this is to get them thinking and talking about their personal brand because everyone has a personal brand — well unless you avoid social media and live under a rock.

I ask questions such as:

  • What are you known for?
  • How do you make a difference?
  • How do you share your expertise?

This is Personal Branding.

What Does a Personal Brand Strategist Do?

When it comes to starting a business and developing a brand, people tend to get caught up in the visual aesthetic.

They miss the crucial strategy and planning stage; leading to a brand that lacks depth and meaning, and a business that is for everyone — yet no one at all.

A personal brand strategy helps you develop a purposeful and consistent presence online (and offline) and get clear on who you help and why.

A Personal Brand Strategist encourages you to ask important questions about yourself, dig deep and find the hidden value you bring to the world.

They help you take control of how you’re perceived and who you appeal too, and how to communicate your value simply and effectively.

This thoughtful planning is also a process of self-discovery. It helps you find what motivates you and build stronger relationships.

It inspires you to selflessly share your expertise and insights, which in turn helps you to gain credibility and establish you as an expert in your area.

Each strategist, coach or consultant will work differently.

My process guides you through my four-pillar framework and is a mixture or consulting, coaching and strategic planning.

We would look at:

  • Your Principles
  • Your Position
  • Your Persona
  • Your Brand in Practice

Understand the principles of who you are in business

We start with the self-discovery. Your Principles covers; your values, your purpose, your passion and your superpowers.

I then help you pull out relevant stories. Stories that show your knowledge, expertise, beliefs and the lessons you’ve learned.

Your principles are core to how you show up, what people think of you and for building trust.

Injecting who you are into every nook and cranny of your business, from your content to your clothing, shows authenticity. Authenticity builds trust.

It’s called personal branding for a reason — it’s all about being YOU!

Discover your place, your space and your people

Your brand position is such a vital part of the process. This is where you find out who your dream clients are, those you want to help the most, and what makes them tick.

Finding your place and space starts with figuring out what makes you different and what you want to be known for, but also making sure it is a sustainable and profitable area you can stand out in.

We would look at your experiences and your superpowers to help find your niche.

Then we evaluate your offerings; your services, products and pricing and make sure you’re charging what you’re worth!

Develop your Vibe, Voice and Visuals

Crafting your persona isn’t about creating a fake facade. It starts with learning more about your personality and vibe and making sure your brand and business reflected this.

We then craft your a brand messaging, so you can communicate the value you bring in a succinct 8-second or 40-second statement. So the next time someone asks you “What do you do?”, you’re fully prepared to answer.

We also look at colours and fonts to help you create a consistent look and feel that resonates with your audience and shows your personality.

Plan How to Bravely Show Up

The final part takes everything we have done and puts this into a strategic plan.

We set 90-day goals and plan the tasks you need to complete to start showing up consistently.

Do I Need a Personal Brand Strategist to Build my Personal Brand?

Not at all. You can do this yourself.

I’m confident you can do all this planning and crafting by yourself if you needed to, but very often we can be too close to our business to see the bigger picture.

Introverts are prone to getting stuck in our heads — the bain of the overthinkers curse!

So if you are struggling and need help in any of these areas or you’d benefit from developing a full brand strategy, then get in touch for a chat.

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