What are your core values?

By Fifi Mason

Fifi Mason - Find your values

Values are what make us who we are. They drive our behaviours, decisions and actions.

If your business doesn’t align with your values, you’ll find it challenging to stick at it.

Values stand at the very core of your brand, the centre from which everything radiates. They influence your brand look and feel, your brand messaging, and your brand tone.

They help you work out which clients are a good fit for you, what products or services to create. 

They help you determine what you will or won’t tolerate. 

If you align with your values; you’ll have more energy and excitement every day.

3 Exercises to Help You Find Your Core Values

Exercise 1

Start with things you don’t like. Think about a negative brand experience.

  1. Draw out three columns.
  2. In column 1 list at least three experiences you can think of
  3. In column 2 list the negative feelings and values that arise
  4. In column 3, list the opposite values 

Exercise 2

Write down three brands/ business you admire. Then make a list of all the qualities you like about them.

Exercise 3

Write down all the things you admire in yourself. What values are essential to your life and your way of business. 

Compare and Order Your Values

Now you should have a few lists of values for each of these exercises. Make another list of all the values that come up more than once. Try to get 3 or more.

Think about each of these and list them in order of importance to you. 

A great way to test if you have the right order is the place each value at the top, then ask yourself ‘If this is first would I feel like something is lacking?’.

For example: If I placed security above purpose and passion, I would not be satisfied… or have a business.

If you’re struggling to find your values, check out this great resource of 200 values to inspire you.

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