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Transform Your Ideas into Impact with the Voice Your Views Challenge!

A 10-Day Challenge to Begin to Express Your Unique Perspectives and Spark Meaningful Conversations Online

Master mindset tools and techniques essential for articulating your thoughts and ideas with clarity and confidence. Discover how to uncover ‘Idea Sparks’ that resonate with your core values and learn to develop ‘Your Take’ on topics that ignite your passion.

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Are you holding yourself back?

Self-Silencing is the act of stifling your authentic voice for fear of the consequences.

Does this sound like you?

You’re terrified of sharing more about yourself, your views, and your business because of what they might think or say. You are constantly worried about the opinions of those who matter most to you, whether it’s your friends, family, colleagues, peers, or clients.

You feel responsible for other people’s feelings, even if it means sacrificing your own growth and success. You are afraid that being TOO promotional or expressing opinions that don’t align with someone else’s will upset them. 

You often feel like your thoughts, ideas, and opinions are insignificant and won’t make a difference to anyone. The fear of being overlooked and unheard is crushing your spirit, and you’re losing confidence in your ability to contribute to the world around you.

You worry about being challenged or questioned on your ideas, and fear that you won’t be able to defend yourself effectively. The anxiety of being proven wrong or appearing foolish is eating away at your confidence, and you’re struggling to assert yourself in any situation.

You find yourself comparing your journey to others, feeling as though you haven’t achieved enough to warrant a voice in the conversation, or that you’re not the right person to talk on a topic, because you haven’t experienced it firsthand.

You’re far from alone! These aren’t just personal hurdles — they’re universal obstacles that cause countless individuals to self-silence. I’ve been there too. And it’s time to break the cycle.

Take Small Steps to Voice Your Views...
Voice your views challenge

Over 10-days you’ll focus on articulating and confidently sharing your unique thoughts, ideas, opinions, and perspectives — even if they go against the grain.

You’ll be guided through a series of prompts and exercises that encourage you to dig deeper into your personal viewpoints and express them with clarity and conviction.

By the end, you’ll not only have a stronger online presence but also a more powerful and confident voice that resonates with your audience and inspires action.

Who is it for?

Quiet Online Coaches

If you’re a quiet coach with a deep desire to genuinely help people transform their lives, then your quiet voice needs to be heard! You can be a powerful catalyst for change, and make an impact without having to be the loudest.

Introverted Impact Makers

If you’ve got big dreams to uplift, educate, or inspire people with your ideas, either as a speaker, author or innovative business owner, it’s time to show up and shine on your terms.

Ready to start the challenge?

[Just $27 for lifetime access!]

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