The Worst Advice for Introverts on YouTube

By Fifi Mason

Unfortunately, not all advice out there is helpful, and some can even be harmful. 

In this blog, I’ll be sharing my thoughts on some of the worst advice for introverts that I found on YouTube.

“You don’t say what you really feel”

Let’s start with Dan Pena’s video, where he claims that 98% of high performers are introverts. I was immediately skeptical of this claim, as there haven’t been any substantial studies on introversion and extroversion in the world. It’s not accurate to make such a blanket statement without solid evidence to back it up.

He also explains introversion as “you don’t say what you really feel” and don’t speak out when you disagree. But introversion has nothing to do with low confidence or a lack of assertiveness.

Pena also suggests that introverts become introverted because of their parents telling them to shut up when they were young. While nature and nurture both play a role in our personality traits, it’s not fair to say that the reason someone is introverted is solely due to their parents’ influence.

Overall, I believe that Pena’s ‘advice’ is not helpful for introverts and that he’s confusing introversion with other personality traits.

“Introverted Men are Cowards”

The next video I came across was titled “Introverted men are cowards.”

This dismissive attitude towards introversion is not helpful or fair to those of us who identify as introverts.

The speaker seemed to be coming from the perspective of an extrovert and did not understand the concept of introversion as a matter of energy, even though he mentions it and then totally dismisses it.

While it is important to interact with others to maintain social health, being an introvert does not mean you are lazy or a recluse.

It is okay to take time to recharge, and you should do it regularly.

The speaker’s suggestion that introverts should acknowledge everyone that one passes on the street is not necessary, and can be draining for introverts who need to conserve their social energy for meaningful interactions.

Overall, the advice given in the video is not helpful for introverts and ignores the value of different personality types.

“How to stop being introverted and become more extroverted”

The third video I watched was “If you’re an introvert, watch this: How to stop being introverted and become more extroverted.”

Well, with a title like that we’re not off to a great start.

The creator suggests that introversion is not who we truly are, but rather a shell we have developed due to life experiences and conditioning 🙄

While there may be some truth to the argument that society conditions some people to suppress their extroverted tendencies, it is not accurate to suggest that all introverts are only products of their environment.

The creator of the video also suggests that introverts can act more extroverted until they “remember” that they are not introverted… wtf?

I think pretending to be something your not is detrimental to introverts who are pushing themselves beyond their natural tendencies.

It is much more effective to find a balance that allows for personal growth without sacrificing our inner selves.

As someone who is more introverted, I believe in accepting ourselves for who we are and then adapting to achieve our goals.

We can work on managing our energy, building confidence, and finding our voice without denying our natural tendencies. By embracing our introversion and finding ways to work with it, we can accomplish great things without sacrificing our authenticity.

While I appreciate the creator’s intent to motivate introverts, I believe that the approach is misguided.

We do not need to “stop being introverted” to become our true selves.

Instead, we should embrace our introversion and learn how to adapt to our personality traits to achieve our goals. Accepting ourselves and finding a balance is the key to personal growth and success as introverts.

Andrew Tate’s “Message to Introverts”

Lastly, I watched Andrew Tate’s “Message to Introverts” video. As someone who’s seen his videos before, I know he tends to say some controversial things.

In this particular video, he suggests that being confident can be helpful for job interviews and dating, and I agree.

However, I disagree with his suggestion that introverts need to “learn arrogance” in order to succeed in these situations. Being assertive without being arrogant or aggressive is a much better approach.

It’s important to remember that being an introvert doesn’t automatically mean you lack confidence.

While introverts may not always be the loudest in the room, that doesn’t mean they’re not confident in their abilities. And if an introvert does struggle with confidence, there are ways to work on it without resorting to arrogance.

My Final Thoughts

Overall, I found that some of the worst advice on YouTube for introverts comes from those who misunderstand the concept of introversion and confuse it with other personality traits.

It’s important to remember that introversion is a natural personality trait that can be harnessed and used to our advantage. By accepting ourselves and finding a balance between our natural tendencies and the skills we need to succeed, we can accomplish great things as introverts without sacrificing who we are.

So, if you’re an introvert who has been struggling with advice that doesn’t seem to make sense to you, know that you’re not alone.

It’s okay to take time for yourself, and it’s okay to embrace your introversion. By doing so, you can find success and happiness on your own terms.

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