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2 Hour - One to One Coaching & Consulting Session

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As a life coach, helping others is your passion, but expressing yourself authentically and confidently can be challenging. That’s why this Overcoming Self-Silencing 1:1 hour session is designed specifically for introverted life coaches like you. Here are some ways this session could help you:
  • Overcoming the fear of being visible on social media by developing a communication strategy that aligns with your personality and values, and helps you connect with your clients.
  • Learning how to clearly define and communicate your values, ethics, and boundaries by creating Impact Rules that will help guide you
  • Identifying the root cause of self-sabotage patterns and silencing tendencies that may prevent you from taking action or making progress in your business.
  • Developing effective communication techniques to address negative feedback or criticism from clients in a constructive and respectful manner, without compromising your values or personal boundaries.
  • Navigating hyper-visibility and fear of judgment in the online space by developing healthy coping mechanisms and boundaries that allow you to express yourself authentically and connect with your clients.
  • Creating a sustainable action plan for growing your business and attracting clients that align with your values and goals, that aligns with you introverted personality and energy.
The session is designed to help you overcome your self-silencing tendencies and move forward confidently in your business. I understand the unique challenges that introverted life coaches face and will work with you to develop practical, personalised solutions that align with your values and goals. I blend the power of mindset and strategy in my work to create transformative results for my clients. My approach is informed by specialised training, ongoing research, collaboration with reputable mentors and thought-leaders, and valuable insights gained from my personal and professional experiences. The methods I use are tailored to your unique needs and designed to help you achieve your goals with confidence and clarity.

Investment: $597 (est £480)

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