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Live Online Workshop

2024 Social Media Sorted

January 23rd 2024 - From 3pm UK | 10am ET

Transform Your Online Presence in Just One Day

Feel drained and overwhelmed by the constant demands of posting on social media? Well, say goodbye to last-minute scrambling and hello to a year of impactful, engaging content.

Get ready to plan your entire year’s content in a single, empowering day, tailored to your pace and style. 

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The social media struggle is real for us introverts...

Being “On” All the Time is Just Too Much: Honestly, having to show up every day on social media, always ready to engage, is just exhausting. It feels like you need to be this super-charged, always-on version of yourself, which is really draining.

Content Creation or Client Time? It’s a Juggling Act: Regularly dreaming up new content ideas, then creating and sharing them, eats into so much time. Time that could be spent with your clients or getting your voice heard on podcasts and other platforms. It’s like you’re constantly choosing between being a creator or a coach.

When Clients Call, Social Media Falls: It’s like, the moment things pick up with clients, your social media presence just nosedives. You’re swamped with work, which is great, but then your online visibility takes a hit.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind… and Business: And here’s the kicker – the minute you stop being visible on social media, it’s like the tap of client work just starts to run dry. It’s this frustrating cycle of ‘post and prosper’ or ‘pause and lose out.’

The Rollercoaster of Income – Not Fun: With all these ups and downs in how visible you are, your income just follows suit. One minute it’s looking good, the next, you’re worrying where the next payday will come from.

What You've Likely Tried...

What if you could 'set and forget' part of your social media, staying visible no matter what? Creating content that aligns with your audience and still leaves room for your authentic voice, all without the daily drain.

I want to help you...


2024 Social Media Sorted Online Workshop

In just one day, plot out a year of inspiring, impactful social media content that speaks volumes, all without feeling overwhelmed.

What You'll Learn
Can't join live? You'll get the recording!

Plus these incredible bonuses...

Bonus 1:

Co-working Creation Session

After the workshop take advantage of the Coworking Creation Session for an extra layer of accountability. 

This is your time to bring your ideas to life; write posts,  design graphics, and schedule your entire year’s worth of content, using either native or third-party scheduling tools.

Drop in at any time that suits you on January 30th, between 12pm UK / 7am ET and 5pm UK / 12pm ET.

Bonus 2:

Creating More With Less Effort: How AI Can Streamline Your Content Creation - Recording

Learn my method for using AI to streamline and simplify content creation but maintain authenticity. This bonus recording, from The Quiet Rebellion Conference, shows you how to effortlessly spin your core content into engaging posts that inspire and educate your audience, all while elevating your authority with ease. 

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Can't join live? You'll get the recording!
Get 50% Off Live Workshop
offer Ends January 19th

Can you imagine...

Feeling the comfort in knowing your message consistently reaches those who need it, free from the daily stress of social media.

Experiencing the freedom to be fully present with your clients, making a meaningful impact, without the concern of constant online visibility.

Relishing the peace of mind that comes with a reliable weekly presence, allowing you to conserve your energy for what truly matters.

Asking yourself this?

I’ve invested in so many things that haven’t helped me before, how will this be different?

Here are a few reasons...


Have questions?

No worries at all! If you can’t join the live workshop, we’ve got you covered. You’ll receive full access to the recordings, allowing you to experience the entire workshop at your own pace. This way, you won’t miss out on any of the valuable insights and strategies shared. You can dive into the content whenever it suits you, ensuring that you still get all the benefits of the workshop, just on your own schedule.

Catch our early bird special! If you register before January 19th, you’ll snag a fantastic 50% discount. That means you’ll only pay $97 for the entire workshop. If you miss this early bird offer, don’t worry, you can still join for the full price of $197 until January 23rd. 

Absolutely! The benefit of joining live means you’ll get your questions answered so you can progress.  

You’ll need a stable internet connection with access to Zoom. And then just a pen and paper, and a cup of tea or coffee, or refreshing drink to keep you hydrated. 

Sometimes plans have to change. While I’m unable to offer refunds if you’re unable to attend, don’t worry – you won’t miss out on the learning experience. You’ll receive all the workshop recordings, so you can watch, learn, and plan at your own pace, whenever it suits you best. This way, you still get all the valuable insights and strategies of the workshop, just on your own time.

Ready to plan a years worth of content in just one day?

Save 50% if you register before Jan 19th!

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