Personal Brand Strategy

Build a Braver Personal Brand... and be true to you!

You may have heard the term Personal Branding, but do you really know what it means?

Branding or brand strategy is the process of finding and assigning meaning and context to your brand.

Your Personal Brand is YOU.

Your Personal Brand = Your Reputation

Personal Brand Strategy is a blueprint for what you say and do within your business… basically how you show up.

The aim? To help you build your authority and reputation in the right way, so you become known as an expert and can charge what you’re worth.

Sound good?

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you’re not in the room” 

Jeff Bezos
Amazon CEO & Founder

Are you ready to stop faffing and feel...

Comfortable with what to say or write when explaining how you help others, without it being wishy-washy.

More at ease with your marketing and how you promote yourself online or in person.

Excited to work with clients who value you and are more than happy to pay what you are worth.

Clear on where and how to reach your dream clients and to connect with them on a deeper level.

Eager to start sharing your Bolder & Braver Personal Brand with the world.

  • Are you ready to take your coaching, consulting or service-based business to the next level?
  • Do you want to be known as an expert in your field?
  • Do you want to feel more comfortable and confident putting yourself out there?
  • Would you like to start working with your DREAM clients? Those who have the same beliefs and value what you’re worth?

I guide you through my Four Pillar Brand Strategy Framework.

Together we will mould your vision, values, purpose, passion, stories, insights and services into a clear and concise Personal Brand.

A brand that is Bigger, Bolder and Braver… but ultimately YOU.

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Develop a Personal Brand Strategy

4 x 90 min Strategy Sessions

Over four weeks, we work one to one via Zoom and develop your Personal Brand using my framework. 

This ensures we cover all angles of your brand and leave no stone unturned.

Personal Brand Blueprint

You’ll also receive a personalised reference guide to help you put your brand into action.

This outlines your strategic messaging, your brand archetypes and personality, brand words, story prompts and more.

My Four Pillar Brand Strategy Framework

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We start by looking at you. At your vision and values, your purpose and passions, your superpowers and stories.

You also get:

Personal Brand Audit Guide 

To help you assess where your business and brand stands today and regularly evaluate to find your focus areas.

We then look at your dream client, who they are and what makes them tick.

We dive deep to find your niche area or offering so that you can stand out in the crowd.

And finally, we look at your services, packages and pricing — to make sure you’re charging what you’re worth.

You’ll also get:

Dream Client Avatar Creator Suite (worth £78)

A workbook to help prompt your research questions.

Next, we look at your vibe and voice, so you know what to say and how to say it. When you’re crystal clear on this, you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to build connections and ultimately get that sale.

We also explore the visuals, so your brand looks and feels like you, captures your personality and resonates with your audience (which means, they want to buy).

You’ll also get:

Brand Blueprint (worth £200)

A personalise brand blueprint to use as a reference for your brand.

Moodboard (worth £79)

With colour palette ideas and photography inspiration.

All of this strategy work is no good without a plan of action.

We discuss your goals and plan the critical areas of focus so you can start getting your Personal Brand out into the world.

You’ll also get:

Goal Setting Worksheet

A worksheet to help set achievable goals.

Focus Forecast Worksheet

A simple but effective system to help you focus on the key projects that make the most impact.

Are you ready to reach the next level?

Trust me. It’s better than chocolate.

Next Steps

Step 1

Book your FREE 15-minute qualifying call so I can learn more about you and we can make sure we're a good fit.

Step 2

If you're happy to go ahead, you'll choose your package and pay up front to secure your place.

Step 3

Get ready to pour your heart out, as we take a deep dive into your Personal Brand - It's a bit like Brand Therapy.

What My Clients Say...

Sally Cocker
“My branding and targeting were all over the place, anybody and everybody were visiting my clinic. […] My message was all wrong and I knew I needed help. […] I was guided very cleverly into unearthing many areas of myself and my business using very clever techniques. Using all my own words and ideas [Fifi] started transforming them into a brand. My brand. For the first time I saw who I wanted to be in business and actually started to see who I could attract and why they would be attracted into my clinic. It was absolutely inspirational.”

Sally Cocker - The Natural Coach

Sally Cocker Branding
Case Study

Sally Cocker


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