My Reintroduction to The World

By Fifi Mason

Today, I’m taking a moment to reintroduce myself to the world.

This is a declaration of how I intend to navigate the world from this point forward, embodying values that deeply resonate with me.

I’ve always been the open-minded, liberal kind of person, compassionate and caring. Those things haven’t changed. But I feel our world, our western society has changed around me.

I’ve noticed that people who preach tolerance, openness, and understanding are now acting in ways that seem to contradict those values. And the strange thing is, they don’t even seem to realise it.

I’ve never been big on politics, but recent years have been a real eye-opener. Maybe you noticed it too?

Most notably the rise of cancel culture, where people are ostracised and sometimes professionally destroyed because their views are deemed wrong by public opinion.

This culture causes fear, leading many to self-silence and self-censor their true thoughts to avoid being the next target.

This is why I strongly believe in protecting freedom of expression and freedom of speech, and amplifying ideas that need to be heard.

But it’s more than a belief for me now… it’s become a call to action.

The more I see our freedoms, being violated, the stronger I feel a need to do something about it.

While this impacts all of us, I have a strong connection to the quiet types like me, who have ideas, opinions and perspectives that are often overshadowed by louder voices.

My mission is to elevate quiet voices by creating spaces for them to be heard.

To guide them to move past the internal barriers of self-silencing that hold them back, and encourage them to stand up for what they believe in, on their terms.

So with this I’m committing to being more vocal about issues around freedom of expression and speech moving forward.

To actively speak out against anything that threatens to undermine these freedoms.

I also believe that every experience is an opportunity to inspire.

So I will share my experiences, lessons, challenges, and transformations to motivate others and encourage them to share theirs.

This is how I choose to show up in the world, and I’m committed to living by these values and making a difference in any way I can.

After reading this, I encourage you to deeply reflect on your values and what you stand for, and find the courage to voice those beliefs whatever they may be.

At the same time, let’s keep the door wide open for discussion and debate, creating opportunities for us to learn from one another and grow together.

Let’s work towards shaping a world where everyone can express themselves freely yet respectfully, a world where all voices are not just heard but also valued.

This is our chance to create an environment of open dialogue and mutual respect.

To share ideas and perspectives that help our communities and society grow together.

Thank you for reading my recommitment and reintroduction 🙏


This reintroduction marks the start of my journey of embodying the values that I stand for. It’s also part of what I help my clients craft at the end of our coaching sessions, so they can start their journey with clear intent.

Looking for support on your self-expression journey? Need help to figure out what you stand for, what makes you unique and who you can inspire with your message? Check out my Personal Brand, Self Expression and Visibility Coaching options.

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