How I Use Notion to Keep a Business Reflection Diary

By Fifi Mason

Reflecting on Business in Notion

I started 2019 with one word in mind. Transformation.

Oh boy did it live up to that!

I made a big pivot from brand and website design, to helping introverts build their Personal Brand.

I worked a lot on figuring out what I’m passionate about and finding my purpose.

But I’ve been plagued with imposter syndrome. I’m constantly overthinking and doubting myself and my abilities, I procrastinate because of fears, and have been struggling with crippling anxiety and depression.

But I’m making a change.

Most people might be bored of hearing those “New Year, New Decade” declarations by now.

Maybe they are, but my stance on this is… if saying it out loud to your network, friends and family helps you feel more accountable to someone, then just do it — it doesn’t hurt anyone!

So in 2020 I’m going to work hard on my mindset and mental health.

To start with, I’ll complete a reflective diary at the end of every week and every month.

To help me do this I’ve set up a system in Notion. Notion is an awesome productivity and note-taking tool — I’m a tiny bit obsessed with it.

I describe it as Evernote meets Airtable.

It’s super flexible, with notes, tables, kanbans (like Trello), calendars, gallery cards; basically everything you need to build a system to plan, organise and run your life and business.

My Notion Set Up

My Notion set up is inspired by Maria Poulin, a Notion whizz, who has kindly shared her free Notion templates here.

Within my workspace I have Yearly, Quarterly, Monthly and Weekly Planning & Reflection pages.


My Notion Workspace Pages

A weekly page has a checklist of daily to-dos along with prompts for weekly reflection.

My Daily Checklist on Notion

I like to keep things simple with only a few prompts for weekly reflection. This makes it quick to do each week.

Here my six prompts for weekly reflection:

1. This weeks highs / good / happy / proud moments:
2. This weeks lows / frustrations / challenges / struggles:
3. What did I learn this week?
4. Who / what I’m grateful for?
5. What would I like to improve / what do I hope for?
6. What did I do to work towards my quarterly goals?

I’ve then created a page for every month of the year.

Monthly pages in Notion gallery

Within a Monthly page, I’ve created a relational database that shows the weekly pages within that particular month. Once filtered this gives me a quick overview of those weeks and a simple way to access each page.

Weeks within a monthly page on Notion

At the end of each month, I will reflect and review those weeks and answer questions to make sure I’m on track.

Every month I will reflect and assess four areas. Mindset, My Personal Brand, Business and Personal life. 

Here are 20 questions you could use to do this too:


1. What fears have I faced?
2. What have I avoided because of fears?
3. What areas could I push myself next month?

My Personal Brand

1. Am I making a difference?
2. I’m I becoming known for what I stand for?
3. Can I be more of my true self?
4. Have I been consistently showing up on at least one platform this month?


1. What is my biggest win?
2. What have my clients said about me and my services?
3. Have I achieved my 2019 goals?
4. Are my current offerings inline with my vision?
5. I am charging enough for my services?
6. What skills am I not using?
7. What areas could I learn more or improve in 2020?
8. Am I holding on to things that I could outsource?

Personal Life

1. What am I most happy about this month?
2. What have I learned this month?
3. What could I do to have a better work / life balance next month?
4. What things have I missed out on because of time or money this month?
5. What could I work towards in my personal life next month?

Keep a Record of the Good Things

A great way to stop fears and doubts, especially imposter syndrome, is to keep a record of all the nice things people say to you. This could be testimonials from your clients, messages from your audience or comments from people who inspire you.

These are great to look back on when your feeling down and lack motivation. You can embed images, videos, audio clips and files into pages on Notion to keep everything organised in one place.

Quarterly & Yearly Reflection

Alongside weekly and monthly I’ve created pages for each quarter and each year, all linked through relational databases.

The questions are the same as the monthly reflection but also include my Personal Brand Audit questionnaire.

Do you want to see more?

I plan to share more blogs about Notion and how to create some of the set-ups I have. But I’d love to know what you’d like to see more of, so please leave a comment below.

Just a quick final note. I’m not an affiliate for Notion in any way, I just think it’s a brilliant tool to help you stay organised with your business

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