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This brand audit is designed for coaches, consultants and service-based business owners to assess where your personal brand stands today.

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Why do you need a Personal Brand Audit?

Your personal brand is what the world to see of you. It’s how you’re perceived; what people think and feel about you.

Everyone has a personal brand. Taking control of your personal brand helps influence this perception in the right way.

When you dig deep and discover yourself; your values, purpose, passions, superpowers and stories. When you learn who your DREAM clients and audience are and find your place and your people.

When you know how to effectively communicate how you can help others, and when you have a plan of action to help you ‘show up.’

You’ll see your business flourish.

You’ll start attracting your DREAM clients, you’ll have more focus in business and feel more confident with your marketing.

Free Personal Brand Audit

You could let your brand and your reputation form naturally, but… 

You may find it hard to be yourself, because you haven’t figured out who you are and what you stand for.

You may be focusing on the wrong areas, as you haven’t taken time to truly understand who your dream clients and audience are and what they struggle with.

You may not be consistent with your message, voice and vibe and confuse or put off potential clients.

This personal brand audit helps you assess where you’re personal brand stands today and areas you can focus to start taking control.

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