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Day 7

Sharing Unpopular Opinions

Today I’m encouraging you to bravely share an unpopular or controversial opinion within your industry.

This isn’t about being contrary for the sake of it, but about expressing meaningful, perhaps unconventional views that resonate with you and others who feel similarly.

Establishing Your Unpopular Opinion

Use the “What’s My Take?” tool to explore and articulate your unique perspective.

Identify what truly matters to you, even if it goes against the mainstream.

Steps to Find Your Unpopular Opinion

  1. Select a Topic: Choose topics that interest you, whether related to your industry, personal interests, or passions.
  2. Identify Common Beliefs: Note down the common beliefs or viewpoints on these topics.
  3. Flip the Beliefs: Consider the opposite of these beliefs to challenge the status quo.
  4. Introduce a Creative Twist: Use humour, unconventional thinking, or a unique angle to present your perspective.

The Holistic Psychologist is a great example of someone who regularly shares unpopular opinions that spark intrigue and debate.

Your Task

  1. Discover Your Opinion: Utilise the “What’s My Take” tool to identify an opinion that diverges from common beliefs.
  2. Draft Your Post: Write about your opinion, exploring new angles and providing fresh insights.
  3. Voice Your View: Share your unpopular opinion with us in the Ask Share Shine group, or post it on social media and share the link!
  4. Overcome Hesitation: Use the “what if” game and reframing questions from previous days if you feel any hesitance sharing this.

This exercise is about challenging the norm, sparking meaningful discussions, and standing out by sharing perspectives that matter to you.

It’s an opportunity to differentiate yourself and connect with others who share your views or are open to considering them.

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