Struggling to Find Your Place?

Building a coaching, consulting or service-based business is HARD, especially if you don’t understand the people you want to help or where to find them.

So far you’ve been doing a great job building personal connections, getting work from referrals and helping anyone and everyone who wants your advice or service.

Now, you’re ready to up your game online (and off).

But wait… there are so many others doing what you do, how do you stand out in the crowd?

Does any of this sound like you?

  • You’ve started a blog but you’re constantly staring at a blank screen with no idea what to write about or even if what you eventually write is something others want to read
  • You’ve considered creating a podcast or YouTube channel but have no idea what kind of content will be useful to others or help grow your audience
  •  You’ve been dabbling with Facebook, taking a few pictures for Instagram and maybe you’ve even dusted off your old LinkedIn account, but you’re not really seeing any results and don’t really know what sort of content you should be putting out there
  • You’re ready to start charging what you’re worth, working with the people you dream to work with (those who value you) and making more money doing what you love… but you just don’t know where to start!
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Don’t panic, there's a way forward.

The Find Your Place Brainstorming Session will help you figure out how your passions, past experiences and expertise align to create a business you LOVE, that TRULY CONNECTS with others and STANDS OUT in the crowd.

Are you ready to find your place and your people?

This 60-minute brainstorming session will help you hone in on your niche and discover the people you really want to serve. 

We will dig deep and discuss your passions, experiences and more to figure out your natural niche.

So rather than feeling like a headless chicken, running around with no direction, how about feeling...

Comfortable with what to say or write when explaining how you help others, without it being wishy-washy.

More at ease with your marketing and how you promote yourself online or in person.

Excited to work with clients who value you and are more than happy to pay what you are worth.

Clear on where and how to reach your dream clients and to connect with them on a deeper level.

What you also get...

  • The Find Your Niche Workbook: You’ll get an editable workbook with exercises and help you make notes.
  • The Test Your Audience Workbook: A follow up guide with questions to help you research and understand your dream clients.
  • 10 Social Post or Blog Ideas: Once we determine your audience and niche I will provide 10 x social post or blog suggestions so you can start creating content they will value.
Example of Find Your Niche Workbook

Next Steps

Step 1

Get in touch for your FREE 15-minute qualifying call so I can learn more about you.

Step 2

If we are a good fit and you want to go ahead, I will send over a short questionnaire and payment details.

Step 3

You get a 60-minute session to find clarity so you can start moving forward in your business.

What My Clients Say...

Suzanne Locke

“The absolute breakthrough – and I don’t use the word lightly – came when we looked at niches. […] I am a serial expat, having spent half my life abroad, but had never really considered that I could make this the focus of a content business. […] Within weeks I had a new, expat client – exactly the kind I wanted to work with. And on a one-year retainer.

Suzanne Locke - Locke Digital

Sally Cocker

“My branding and targeting were all over the place, anybody and everybody were visiting my clinic. […] My message was all wrong and I knew I needed help. […] I was guided very cleverly into unearthing many areas of myself and my business using very clever techniques. […] For the first time I saw who I wanted to be in business and actually started to see who I could attract and why they would be attracted into my clinic. It was absolutely inspirational.”

Sally Cocker - The Natural Coach


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