Sally Cocker

Sally Cocker

Case Study

“Starting out in business was not taken lightly by me and nor was it easy. 

I have paid for three logos and changed my company name three times. Naive is an understatement.

My logos were just awful and my business names never had any real marketing intelligence behind them, I knew I needed help but didn’t want somebody telling what I should and shouldn’t be doing with my precious business. I stumbled along with no clue for 8 years.

My business grew slowly but I had no direction of how I wanted it to grow, I didn’t even know I needed a direction to my business. That was until my business started attracting people I wasn’t helping as much I was capable of helping. My branding and targeting were all over the place, anybody and everybody were visiting my clinic. 

That is ok for the short term, but after four years I was not longer retaining 100% of my client base. My message was all wrong and I knew I needed help.”

“My message was all wrong and I knew I needed help.”

“When I started working with Fifi Mason she just listened. I was quite surprised as I expected to initially be told everything that was wrong with my business, she didn’t.

I just talked and talked and she just listened and made notes. I was sent lots of guidance questions about my business and was asked to start talking about me. Me??

What do you mean me? The psychology of business was then for the first time explained to me. I had no idea about who I actually was in business. I had no idea that I even needed to know.

After this revelation I was asked about the type of customer I enjoyed working with and why. What you mean I have a choice? This was genius. 

I was guided very cleverly into unearthing many areas of myself and my business using very clever techniques. I felt really listened to and respected by Fifi. She was actually interested.

Then we started discussing ideas. This is where the magic happened. Using all my own words and ideas she started transforming them into a brand. My brand. 

For the first time I saw who I wanted to be in business and actually started to see who I could attract and why they would be attracted into my clinic. It was absolutely inspirational.”

“It was absolutely inspirational.”

“Fifi is so intelligent in her knowledge and it doesn’t take much for her to see exactly what you see and in the way you see it. It was done with great ease. 

The tools she uses are very clever and you can see the value in her service very quickly. We had really thorough meetings over Skype. 

Having the flexibility to not have to travel was really helpful and nothing was lost by not being face to face. You feel the warmth from Fifi immediately and I started to look forward to our meetings. It was like having therapy but in a less exhausting way. 

My brand is me and for the first time I was able to start seeing it in a professional and personable way.

I can highly recommend this service for any business. Using an expert will not lose sight of who you are, it will create a very personable brand that is business like and creative in every way.”

The Breakthrough

When Sally came to me, she was struggling to promote her broad range of well-being services.

In our initial call, I proposed a different approach. Rather than focusing on services such as Reflexology, Yoga, and well-being coaching, Sally would focus on the benefit to the clients.

During our sessions, we worked through many exercises to craft Sally’s brand and paint a picture of her dream clients. All of this helped to formulate the right words to communicate the benefits Sally could offer. 

We crafted a pioneering process that Sally can follow and promote, called the R&R Cycle.

This system allows Sally to tailor each of her sessions. She can now help her clients find certainty and balance in the way they need. Rather than giving them a choice of services, that may or may not provide the right results.