Suzanne Locke

Suzanne Locke

Case Study

“When Fifi Mason and I started working together, I was on the verge of giving up my content consultancy after four years. I was feeling very uninspired and was not happy with its image or the kind of clients I was getting, and found it very hard to give an elevator pitch to explain what I did to new prospects.”

“Fifi persuaded me to give it a final shot in the arm – and what a shot it has been.

I disliked my branding, which was green and not me at all. When the site widgets broke and the WordPress template stopped updating, I reached out to Fifi, and she suggested we work on a full rebrand and design.”

“The absolute breakthrough – and I don’t use the word lightly – came when we looked at niches. Fifi found great examples and a way for me to create a niche (expat) while keeping it subtle so I could still market beyond that niche. I am a serial expat, having spent half my life abroad, but had never really considered that I could make this the focus of a content business.

I also realised I wanted to work on an ongoing basis with clients. Within weeks I had a new, expat client – exactly the kind I wanted to work with. And on a one-year retainer.

I really identify with my new brand. The paper airplane feels so me: it represents both content and travel. My persona really comes through now and I have taken the plunge to really make the website about me, whereas before it was very impersonal.”

The mustard and teal colours truly feel like my own brand now (I have lots of both in my house already), and I have bought matching stationery and clothes, which I have used for a photoshoot for the site and will use for client meetings. I even added a toy airplane to the photos!

I love the bespoke icons Fifi created to go with my packages – apart from the airplane, there are spectacles, a brush, a globe, a book, a pencil and a clipboard – and I’ve got my gorgeous new business cards and compliments slips back from the printers. My social media channels all look really fresh and up-to-date too.

Considering Fifi and I have never met in person, she really got to know me and to create a brand that represented me and my business to a T in just a few, very efficient Skype sessions. It has been transformative and I feel reenergised, with a focus and plan to move the business forward – and upward.