5 Tips to Help You Show Up Consistently

By Fifi Mason

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Showing up and being visible is a great way to get in front of your ideal clients.

We may have the best of intentions of regularly posting on social media, writing blogs, creating a podcast… whatever it may be. But the hard part is doing this consistently.

So how do you show up regularly when you can’t think of what to post, can’t find the time to do it or just feel like hiding?

Consistency is something I’m working very hard on this year — it’s my word of the year in fact.

Here are the things I’ve introduced to help me be visible and show up regularly.

1. Become Obsessively Organised

Last year I was a bit all over the place. I’ve tried using so many different platforms to stay organised, but Notion is the tool that works best for me.

I’ve previously blogged about using it to keep a weekly and monthly reflection diary. Since then it’s become my second brain — I use it for almost everything.

Goal planning, daily tasks and to do’s, editorial calendar… even to write this blog.

My Second Brain Notion Set Up

I’ve outlined visibility goals for each quarter. These link with monthly actions making them into SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time Sensitive) goals.

For example: Be visible and increase my online presence by posting on Linkedin every day.

My Goals in Notion

I then have tasks and projects that relate to each action and goal. Each has deadlines and due dates that you can sort in a table or calendar view.

My Tasks in Notion
My tasks in a calendar view in Notion

This ensures that I’m working towards my visibility goals every day or week.

There are lots of other systems that can help you get organised, such as Trello, Asana, Evernote and Airtable — use what works best for you!

2. Be Tough on Yourself 

All my tasks are planned with deadlines, but I also block out a specific time each day and week that is non-negotiable.

Every morning I spend around 1.5 hours on LinkedIn and will post between 7am – 8am every weekday.

I comment on other posts before and after and reply to comments on my post for the first hour. Most of the time, I will only reply again at lunchtime. This is so I’m not distracted and don’t use up all my energy (I find even online socialising can be draining).

As I struggle with procrastination, I’ve also set non-negotiable time every Monday to write a blog and create a few related social posts. 

Inspired by Tim Urban and his panic monster, I’ve also made myself accountable to my readers (that’s you ❤), by making them aware a new blog is released every Wednesday.

3. Limit your focus

What usually makes us fall down is taking on too much. Last year I started by focusing on Linkedin only. I’ve since added weekly blogging, and now I’m focusing on being a guest on Podcasts.

Increasing these one at a time, once I’ve settled into the routine, has made them much more manageable and achievable alongside all the other businessy stuff.

4. Stick at it – no matter what!

But what do you do if you’re really not feeling it?

Maybe you’ve taken on a little too much, and you’re a bit overwhelmed, or perhaps you just not in the mood.

This is when you need to remember your purpose, your reason why. You’re showing up for the people you help — always keep them in mind.

You’re ‘why’ is the core of your brand and should be at the centre of everything you do.

5. Don’t Give Up

If you fall and miss a post or don’t make the deadline for that blog or podcast, then get right back up on that horse.

Tomorrow is a new day and another chance to get it right. Please don’t dwell on it and let things drift further.

Being consistent takes time and practice; it’s the same as starting a new habit.

Are Your Going to Start Being More Consistent?

I believe as time goes on, it becomes more natural to show up consistently.

Once you get into a routine and you manage to keep it going, you won’t want to break the cycle.

You’ll realise you do have the time to show up regularly, and still get all the other business stuff done.

Do you have any tips or tricks to help you be more consistent? I’d love to know, comment below.

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